We believe that all businesses should be governed by a set of core values that act as the measuring rod for conducting business. A sound philosophy is every bit as important as the work that is being done. We are governed by a strict set of values which we call Perspective Absolutes. These absolutes guide every client interaction, project decision and developer selection that we encounter. Much like the name suggests these are not guidelines and there is no wiggle in regards to the adherence to them. It is our philosophy, it is our rock, and it is the foundation upon which all business we conduct is built on.


The substance of vision resides in the careful consideration of the means necessary to accomplish it. Project failure is almost always a direct result of a lack of vision. Proper planning, appropriate resources, sufficient expertise and reasonable time constitute the collective components necessary for the success of any project. However, the realization of vision is often cut short because the execution of the vision was built on shortcuts.

Perspective Design Group is a company founded on the belief of long-term interests. As such, our approach to every prospective business relationship is to cultivate a solution that can benefit you the client over the long-term in addition to serving your needs right now. This is why we esteem this to be one of our highest absolutes, to ensure that you the client are not treated as a short-term interest.


You cannot effectively benefit that which you do not understand and as such the nature of your business should not be a mystery to those who intend to help. Understanding your company’s mission, strengths and weaknesses facilitates our ability to discover and present opportunities as well as help to mitigate present and future risks. As experts in our field, we are able to speak to the potential pitfalls as well as gains to be garnered through the implementation of any number of solutions. Our focus is to be the long-term resource at your disposal that facilitates your ability to be more efficient in growing your business.


Whether your objective is growth oriented or you seek to address deficiencies in process we make it a priority to fully understand not only the objective, but also the sought after impact-on-business the solution should possess. This is a highly valued absolute, as you may request a space shuttle and later find that you only really needed a Cessna to meet your objective. This in turn leads to a higher return-on-investment as you retain a greater amount of your allocated budget. Conversely, it also averts the misappropriation of an allocated budget toward projects that will entail much more than what original projections may have forecast.


Accountability is a term rarely used in the development world leaving many clients at the end of their project wondering if they received what they requested. After all, most clients haven’t the faintest idea of how to match requirements with the implemented solution. Developers also usually lack the desire and the know-how to effectively translate the solution in human speak. Most clients only have the ambiguous generalities found within their contract to refer to when measuring deliverables. This leads to the disgust later experienced when they find that what they thought they were paying for was not actually written on the menu.

So, how many times can you fool a client and expect them to continue doing business with you? We operate within a different reality not based upon swindling unaware clients. Since we’re focused on long-term client relationships, we go the extra hundred miles. We do this by providing thorough project analysis and documentation in an effort to maintain client awareness and ensure that the request submitted is the request fulfilled. This makes both us and the client accountable, and goes a long way in alleviating the confusion often experienced largely on the part of the client.


Change is inevitable. Requirements will change, because the market is always subject to change no matter what industry you’re in. We know this and we accept that it will undoubtedly happen on every project. Prudent planning mitigates the majority of changes that could manifest, but in no way eliminates the possibility of changes coming. We maintain a flexible management style that allows for the on-the-fly changes to take place. We also implement solutions that are less rigid and susceptible to collapsing the house of cards as a result of necessary changes requested regardless of what the change may be. This allows you the client to be free from the anxiety that is often associated with delivering additional deliverables that affect the scope of the project.


Treat clients as you would want to be treated.